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Scrap Metal Place

Scrap Metal Place welcomes you for bringing your scrap metal to our facility. We offer the best price so that you get huge benefit and continue business with us with full satisfaction. We assure you the best of our professional service, lucrative price and on time payments that meet your requirements. We invite you to deal with Scrap Metal Place as a reliable and professional organization that has a strong focus on standard operational systems and procedures.

Scrap Metal Place is one of the best metals recycling and scrapping industries equipped with purpose-built tools engaged in local and international business since its establishment. We achieved sustainable growth over the last few years through dedication, honesty, cost effective techniques. Our core business is recycling all types of ferrous and non ferrous metals. In addition to ferrous and non-ferrous operations, we deal in a wide variety of different exceptional metal products in form of pipe, wire, plate, strip, foil, rod, bar, machining part, and heat elements as well. We are very specialized in procuring and exporting good quality scrap metal to overseas countries including Bangladesh, India, China and Japan.

We buy a wide range of scrapped metals like iron, stainless steel, copper, lead, aluminum, brass, zinc and many more for recycling in our facility. We sell recycled metal to integrated steel mills, foundries and brokers both in local and international market supported by our extensive road, rail and shipping network.

Scrap Metal Place delivers world class customer service to all stakeholders engaged in buying and selling of scrap metal product. We offer expert advice on a variety of options for disposal and decontamination. Our solutions are designed to be environmentally friendly and we continually look for ways to reduce and recycle waste to control and prevent any future contamination. Scrap Metal Place also provides necessary information and news about metal trading, metal markets trends, scrap metal merchants and dealers, buyers of scrap metal, scrap yards, scrap metal recycling companies, scrap metal prices and much more.